In the mid-1980s, Bouillet was a student at GIT. On his first day, he saw local legend and Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert , then 17 years old, playing his graduation performance with the first Racer X lineup. Bouillet, starstruck, filled out a questionnaire and demanded to learn the techniques that he'd seen onstage. Shortly after, Gilbert became an instructor at GIT and was assigned to Bruce as his private tutor. Bruce would rigorously practice the sequences that Gilbert demonstrated to him, and they became friends due to their similar senses of humor. One day, he passed by an open counseling that Gilbert was giving and was subsequently invited in. Gilbert was demonstrating a difficult and innovative string-skipping sequence, and Bruce was able to harmonize it on the spot. Bouillet would later refer to this performance as "the luckiest break I've ever had." He was immediately given a copy of Street Lethal by Gilbert and invited to an audition as the second guitar player in Racer X. Despite his confidence that he would not get the job, Bouillet was assisted by Gilbert when he had difficulty figuring out guitar parts on the record. Finally, in 1986, Bouillet was added as the second guitarist and began touring the local club scene. [3] [4]

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